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Adding a Bonus Package to Your Sales Funnel

When you’re in the beginning stages of constructing your email sales funnel. There are a few things you need to think of beforehand. You need to have a solid strategy for how you write your emails because the sales funnel that you create can last years and be the on-demand tool you use to make money online.

I always recommend that marketers give away a bonus package to their new leads as an incentive to buy the product their promoting.

This is an effective strategy to boost sales. Especially for those certain people that need that extra push to go ahead and take action.

The bonus package that I set up for my online business is one that I believe will help those who’re serious about making money online. It’s important that whatever you choose to give away for free will provide value to your audience.

I would suggest you think of three bonuses to give to your leads for when they purchase your affiliate products. Some examples of good bonuses could be a webinar, free coaching, WordPress services, a video training series, etc.

It doesn’t really matter which one you decide to do as long as your customers can take something away that will help them succeed in their business goals.

Once you have your bonuses picked out then you should attach a dollar amount to each one and include those prices into your promotion of the bonus package. The price points you pick come down to how much you feel your time and energy is worth.

If you value your time and energy as much as I do then you will place a high value on the bonuses you’re providing. And if you know something that others would pay you to teach, don’t be afraid to place a high value on your services.

The next strategy for giving away your bonus package is a technique that I use to sell the affiliate products that I promote. This technique can be used if you don’t want to be that overwhelming marketer that annoys their new leads into either buying or unsubscribing.

For the first three days in my email sequence, I promote one bonus for each day and add them together for the fourth and fifth day. This type of promotion creates excitement rather than anger and will definitely allow you to make more sales.

Once you set-up an effective bonus package offering for your email list then you’re credibility as an internet marketer will increase and your personal brand will be associated with value and trust.

I don’t know about you but if you’re in affiliate marketing, then you would know that this industry is over saturated with marketers lacking in those two qualities.

So, by doing the opposite of what the majority is doing, you’ll be creating a long-term online business that people fall in love with. This is quite rare to create in the internet marketing arena but is possible if you focus on providing the two above qualities to your audience.

And if you’re trying to create a personal brand then this would only catapult your business to the next level. As long as you focus on being unique in your personal branding and the bonus packages that you promote, then you shouldn’t have any problem attracting people to your business and making more sales.

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