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Brand Design Can Increase Your Conversions

When you think about some examples of effective brand design, you might first think of companies like Apple or Netflix.

These two companies have the branding department of their companies on the top of their priorities list. As you can probably tell with the explosion in popularity by the both of them.

Now, what do they do differently in their brand design compared to the dozens of other players competing with them in their market?

They’re a few qualities they focus on that sets them up for success. And by knowing what those qualities are and how you can implement them into your business, you’ll be positioning yourself as a professional and will likely generate more sales.

The first quality that I tend to focus on is high-quality brand designs. For this, you can take studio photographs like I did and use the photos for brand design materials or you can hire talent on 99 designs for other branding options.

All you have to do to find good photographers is google the search term along with your zip code and a list of them should show in the search results.

A lot of consultants, coaches, and speakers practice this personal branding in their businesses. It plays an important role in your brand design and should be the first step in your branding efforts.

Another area that isn’t discussed is using color psychology in your brand design. You might think this doesn’t have an effect on your conversions but you couldn’t be more wrong.

There are countless split-testing studies out there showing that color has an effect on an audience’s behavior.

So, when you’re building your business you should make sure to use colors that represent the emotion that you want people to feel when looking at your brand from a larger perspective.

Simplicity in brand design is another thing that is really important. I’m sure you’ve come across a website before that just overloaded you with all types of annoyances. Pop-ups, banners, and advertisements on a website is a good example of this.

I remember visiting a website before that had a great design but is was spoiled because of the lack of simplicity. When I loaded the website, I would spend about 10 seconds hitting the close button on all the distracting pop-ups and banners.

I know 10 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time but for a new website visitor, this amount of time is way too long. You might lose that website visitor and never see them again because you chose to complicate your brand design.

The last quality of great brand design that influences conversions is relatability. Before selling anything you need to create a customer avatar.

So, if you’re in the internet marketing field then most of the people searching for this will want to create an alternative income source.

But you can go even deeper into your customer avatar by knowing the root cause of why people seek for home business opportunities.

And the root cause is because they want to experience financial freedom. In your brand design, you’ll need to incorporate elements that bring out this root desire.

If you can do this, then your conversions will be extremely high because you’ll hit your target audience exactly where their buying pressure point is located.

It’s not easy to successfully apply these elements into your brand design but it’ll definitely be worth it for your business if you do some careful research and make some of these brand design choices.

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