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Creative Thinking for The Busy Entrepreneur

Creating new content every single day can be a challenging obstacle. It’s even more difficult when you have to deal with a block in your creative flow (for me, that would be writer’s block).

Sometimes I find myself sitting at my laptop staring blankly at my computer screen for hours. Nothing ever comes through and I’m stuck there looking as if I got hired as a professional daydreamer.

This can be extremely frustrating to experience if you have a deadline to reach. I set a lot of deadlines in order to motivate myself to achieve my goals, so having a brain fart doesn’t do me any good in this situation.

It tends to waste way too much of my time.

I’m sure you can relate to my pain on this issue. Luckily there are some techniques you can use to get your creative windmill spinning.

And the first one has to do with listening to music. Inspiration can come from many different sources but music is a unique one that brings out the power of emotions…

Each song you listen to can call upon a specific emotion within you. Some speak to your inner child while others give you a vision for a better future.

Listening to powerful instrumentals is a technique I use whenever I sit down to write something for my audience. It works like a charm every single time.

I’m not too sure on the full psychology of how it works exactly but it still works for me nonetheless. Here’s an example of a good instrumental that gets me in the mood for creating things.

Another technique you can use requires the use of silence. For this, you just sit or lie down with your eyes closed and let your mind wander. You can even add the music to this technique to make it even better.

So, you just get into a relaxed state and focus on the topic you’re working on. Once your mind wanders off a little, you should start thinking of some pretty cool ideas to use.

People who meditate will find this technique easy to do.

The creative part of your mind needs to flow like water and relaxing the mind is the best way to get those rapids moving.

And the last technique involves using the incubation period. I’m sure you’ve had a great idea come to you in the middle of nowhere before.

You could be working on something completely unrelated and you get that lightbulb moment. This would be the result of using the incubation period.

For this, all you have to do is work on a project for about 20 minutes non-stop. Then when the time is up – you quickly participate in an activity that isn’t related.

This could be going for a walk, taking a nap, driving, exercising or any other activity of your choice. As soon as you’re done the activity then return to the project you were working on.

There’s a good possibility that you’ll get an idea of some kind during this process or soon after.

The incubation period is used by a lot of creative teams in businesses and I find it to be great for being more imaginative.

Especially since everyone can benefit mentally from taking a short break every once in awhile. As long as you don’t become a compulsive break taker.

That wouldn’t be good.

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