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Why You Need Engaging Content to Grow Your Audience

When you think about most of the successful entertainers that are on the internet today – what do they all usually have in common?

It’s already hard to make a name for yourself online but if you’re not doing this one thing then you have zero chance of keeping the attention of a large crowd. It’s not easy to master this skill but it’s definitely worth it if you do.

I’m talking about creating engaging content.

When you click a YouTube thumbnail, read a thought provoking email or click on an ad it’s because you were engaged by it. Some entertainers have mastered this art form and are making a killing online because of it.

Now for us marketers, it’s no different. If you can become an entertaining marketer then you never have to worry about not being able to sell a customer.

Or in other words, you’re golden…

This can be as simple as writing entertaining emails or blog posts. But you should always try to add some of your personality to the content you create, though.

Adding your personality is a great way to keep your audience engaged because they feel and connect with you on a personal level. I try to add my personality as much as possible to everything I write.

For example, you may have noticed this in the way I write my blog posts and emails to my list. I try to keep my style the same in both because I feel like it represents me the best and adds a little uniqueness to what I create.

I do this hoping my audience will be engaged in what I have to say. And in time, I know my audience will continue to grow in size if I consistently pump out this type of content.

Can you remember when you read something that made you fall asleep?

Well, I do and I didn’t stay around for much longer to see what they came up with next. Because I honestly didn’t feel very interested at all.

I perceive the internet to be an entertainment feasting ground and whoever is the least engaging, is the one that ends up getting eaten.

They’re all types of entertainment competing for our attention. Everywhere we look, there’s a piece of entertainment created to be consumed by people. It’s like a digital frenzy that goes on every single day.

Lot’s of beginners get easily overwhelmed just by how much new content they have to create. On paper, it looks easy but as soon as they go for it, it’s an entirely different thing.

Especially when you tell them they have to be engaging.

So, if you want to survive in this industry, don’t be scared to release the mad hatter inside of you.

Because that guy will become your best friend when it comes to creating new and engaging content for your audience.

Once you two become better acquainted, the sales you’ll start bringing in for your online business will be record breaking.

And this is truly the biggest perk of creating engaging stuff…

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