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This is Why Failing at Your Dreams is Necessary

Failing at your dreams is seen as a negative experience by pretty much everyone. But what if experiencing failure was perceived as a tool that brings you closer to perfection?

The amount of failures that you have to experience until you reach the gold at the end of the rainbow is staggering. I had to deal with a lot of failures in business as well as financial losses before achieving success.

In the beginning, I first found out about affiliate marketing from a YouTube video that introduced me to the concept of selling other people’s products for commissions.

This idea intrigued me greatly and I eagerly dived into the vast ocean that is known as internet marketing. I started by building websites and trying to sell ClickBank products by driving free social media traffic to my offers.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with this method and I ended up making a good amount of sales. But not enough to create a financially secure future.

So, I gave up on those projects and tried looking for other options. Because as you may already know, internet marketing has many different subjects that a marketer can experiment with.

The knowledge that I gained from my previous failure proved to be beneficial for my next marketing trial. I had previously tried building an email list and successfully got some subscribers.

But what I didn’t yet know was how to write emails that convert. And because of this, I ended up deleting my list.

Even though I spent a lot of money and continued to fail in every attempt, I still didn’t give up yet. The funny thing is that each time I failed at something I learned something new that would help me later on.

The early list building that I did really did open up a door of new possibilities for me once I found high ticket affiliate marketing. This was the business model that I found my success with in the end.

If you shift your perspective on what failure means then the next time you encounter a setback it won’t be as bad. Failing at your dreams, in the beginning, is necessary because if you don’t give up it’s a sort of prerequisite for success.

It also makes you appreciate it that much more once you finally experience a breakthrough in your business. What would you learn if you succeeded at building a business the very first time without any struggles or obstacles?

You wouldn’t learn as much compared to climbing the ladder of success and encountering several roadblocks. Now, the hardest failure in this industry for most is spending money and getting no return on their investment.

I see it time and time again and it gets old really fast. For some reason, a large portion of people quit soon after making a business investment and putting in minimal effort.

It’s crazy because the rate at which some entrepreneurs give up is way too soon. The next time you make a large business investment and perceive it as a failure, rethink about what it takes to build a successful business.

And if you come to the conclusion that you don’t have what it takes to live the life of your dreams then it might be best for you to pursue something else that is a little more predictable like a corporate job.

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