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Getting Fired Was The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened

Before I discovered internet marketing, I worked many odd jobs. Some of them were a disaster while other’s were a good learning experience.

Out of all the jobs I’ve had, I can’t say that I really enjoyed any of them. But there’s one in particular that I give credit to turning me into a more serious entrepreneur.

This one was a little part-time job I had at Jimmy John’s. I never worked in the food industry before and thought it would be an interesting experience.

And it definitely was…

At this time, I had just failed a previous marketing project and my bank account was collecting dust. But I was still dedicated because I didn’t have a Plan B.

I dropped out of high school and college, so I really had to make this whole online business thing work out. There wasn’t anything else left for me.

When I first got the job – my boss didn’t seem like such a bad guy. I’ve seen much worse in my previous jobs that made it easier for me to cope with the craziness.

But one day I came into work a little late. By late, I mean like 5 minutes only. I had been rushing all morning to get my errands done and did the best that I could.

I had a feeling that he would give me some lecture but thought I would just be able to brush it off. How mad could someone get for being 5 minutes late?

It’s a little ridiculous when you think about it.

So, I walk into the building and head straight to the machine to clock myself in for the day. And not to my surprise, there he was waiting for me.

I walk right by him and he touches my right shoulder. Then he says, “what are you doing”? As if he didn’t know that he scheduled me in for that day.

Then I obviously tell him that I’m just clocking in like I’m supposed to (yes, I thought it was a stupid question). And at that moment he told me something that made me quit on the spot.

My boss tells me to go home because I’m five minutes late. This right here was the reason why I put all of my energy into building my online business.

I left and never looked back.

After that, I drove home and went straight to the whiteboard that I had set up with a rough sketch of my business plan. I’m not even joking, in just a few days, I crafted a huge piece of the business plan that I used to get to where I am now.

You have no idea how much relief having an online business creates. Trading my time for money never sat well with me either.

I couldn’t ever grasp why I got paid so little for my time. If you value your time, don’t you think you should be getting paid more for it?

I sure do.

But most of these low-income jobs (slave jobs) are just meant to be a stepping stone for something greater.

If you currently have a job that you hate with a passion, remember that the grass does get much greener on the other side.

Once you have a positive attitude then your situation becomes less annoying. And you start to reprogram your mindset for future online success…

So, has your boss ever did anything outrageous to you before? There’s a pretty high chance that they have so let me know your craziest story down in the comments.

I’m sure it’s a real head turner.

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