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Tips for Introverts: Succeeding as Entrepreneurs

When you grow up in a society that prizes extroverts rather than introverts, it can be a tough challenge. Especially if you grow up in an American school.

But in the business world, it seems like extroverts are put on a pedestal and introverts have trouble finding jobs, getting promotions, etc.

I think that introverts have the potential to be great leaders if today’s society were a little more open-minded. Some of the qualities that an introvert has are very attractive when looking for a leader in a particular field.

Introverts tend to be self-reflective, think things through thoroughly before making a decision, have a calmness about them that radiates a centered individual and tend to have a vivid imagination.

In other words, they make the perfect entrepreneurs…

In school, I never seemed to quite fit in with the social standards and systems that were in place in my environment. I always rebelled against the ideas carried by the norm. Which is probably the reason why I’m at where I am now while everyone else is working in the corporate world.

If you struggle with dealing with your introversion then I believe I have some tips that may help you to take advantage of this character trait.

Keeping your imagination alive is so critical in becoming a successful entrepreneur. As people get older and get more wrapped up in the reality that we grow into some will put their dreams and ambitions to the wayside.

They then never follow through on chasing their dreams because the imagination that they used to have when they were younger has slowly died out and now they behave more like an obedient and rechargeable battery.

So, as an introvert, one main advantage that you have is the natural ability to live inside your mind. You may have noticed that your thoughts are loud but at the same time, to the outside world, you can be perceived as a somewhat quiet person.

This imagination that you have will be your key to unlocking the door to financial freedom and is your most valuable tool.

Another tip that can help you to overcome the hurdles that come with being an introvert is to meditate regularly. It’s been proven that meditation eases anxiety and for an introverted entrepreneur trying to build a business, this tool will also be important to controlling your stress levels.

Creating a business can be very hard work and will no doubt result in high-stress levels. But if you take control of your mental state and learn how to breathe properly then your body will thank you for it.

The last tip that I have in order for you to get the most out of your introversion is to try to find a balance between being both an introvert and an extrovert.

Spend equal amounts of time experiencing both sides until they both become comfortable for you and you can choose between which one you want to experience.

And if necessary, force yourself to be in situations that bring out that more outgoing side of your personality. By dabbling in both sides and creating a balance, you’ll be tapping into a pool of different qualities that build a great leader.

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