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Need Money? Here’s the Fastest Way for Entrepreneurs

We’ve all had one of those moments where we found ourselves in a situation where we need money. It’s something that I experienced before and it’s definitely not fun.

I tried all types of ways to make money online. Some of what I did,  kind of worked, while others just took up way to much of my time. From doing countless online surveys, eBay, building niche websites, etc…

There’s very little that I haven’t done while traveling on my journey to success. Now, what I’m about to share with you is a solution that I’d recommend you try if you need money fast and want a side income.

And you won’t have to spend all of the time required to build an online business by using this method.

You’re going to need several marketing tools before you can start but the tools are really easy to use. The first tool is Aweber. This is an email autoresponder that sends out mass emails to the people who subscribe to your list.

Email marketing in combination with driving targeted traffic to your product offers, in my opinion, is the best way for a beginner to get started in the internet marketing industry.

Driving paid traffic is basically the foundation of this method and you can experience results in a very short time. Below you can find out where to find all of the tools:

  1. Email marketing solution: Aweber
  2. Landing pages: Leadpages
  3. Affiliate products: MOBE

If you don’t know what landing pages are yet, they’re basically a single page website that is designed to capture email addresses.

When you create a landing page they’ll give you a sub-domain to host your single page website. It’ll usually look something like this:

All you have to do is drive paid traffic to your landing page and send those subscribers to an offer right after they give you their email address.

The reason why you need to send your traffic to a landing page before an offer is because of the affiliate strictness on most traffic platforms. Your ad would most likely be denied if you just attached your affiliate link to the ad you placed.

The easiest traffic platform to learn is Google AdWords. They even include a keyword planner so that you can find low competition keywords to target. I use Facebook traffic because it’s more targeted but it just depends on what you personally prefer to use.

In your email sequence, you’ll be following up with your leads and trying to sell the product that you have chosen to promote from within the MOBE marketplace. I would recommend promoting no more than one product every two weeks just to maintain consistency.

You’ll also need to become a MOBE affiliate in order to promote the many products from the marketplace. But you just need to drive traffic to your landing page, forward your leads to an offer and follow-up with your leads using the email solution of your choice.

I also recommend that you get a domain email address because of the higher delivery rate of your emails.

By using a free email address hosted by Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. You’re going to be impacted negatively by the number of emails that make it your subscriber’s inbox.

Having an email list is the best way to make money online and if you stick to it, it’ll become a very useful asset to have if you need money right away. This is how I and many other internet marketers make most of our money.

Get really good at writing high converting emails and this method should work like a charm for you. Better copywriting will surely boost your results if you take the time to practice it.

So, get started right now on creating another income stream. An online income is the best type of income for all entrepreneurs.

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