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An Obsessive Personality Defeats the Competition

One trait that most successful entrepreneurs share is their tendency to be obsessive over their work. If you share this obsessive personality trait then it could be the leading factor that pushes you towards success.

It can be really annoying trying to deal with our obsessive personality when building a business because it actually prolongs the time it takes to finish each task.

For example, when I finally cracked the internet marketing code that led to me building my first profitable online business, I became obsessive about every small detail that could be seen as insignificant to others.

I spent between $500 – $1,000 building my first personal branded blog and just deleted the all the work done on it because it didn’t match the quality that I was looking for.

I hired many designers and website developers for the project and simply deleted it. The vision I had for what I wanted was so clear that I didn’t care about the amount of money that I lost in the process.

Soon after, I discovered a cheaper solution to designing my website and the quality matched exactly what I was looking for. Now, there’s an important lesson here about why having an obsessive personality can actually benefit you to succeed in business.

The closer you push yourself to perfection in your work, the wider your potential is to succeed in this life. The website was just one example that ended up costing me some money.

Another example is the email sales funnel that I created. Before I sat down and wrote the emails that would be included in my funnel, I had to write out the entire sales process on my whiteboard.

It took me about two months to perfect the sales process for how I would approach writing the emails in my 30-day sequence. For other people, it would have been done in just a few days.

But my obsessiveness wouldn’t allow me to accept anything other than perfection. So, by the time I actually ended up completing the sales funnel, I knew the quality that I would provide to my audience would be very hard to beat.

Now, when you encounter this obsessive personality trait within yourself it almost acts like a double-edged sword. You like it because it pushes you far beyond what you thought was possible but it prolongs the entire process.

To overcome this issue you have to understand how to balance this character trait. You need to have the inner control to stop yourself when you completed a project that is good enough.

As of now, I’ve gotten better at accepting, “good enough” in the work that I do and the time it takes me to complete things has sped up dramatically.

The benefits to having an obsessive personality outweigh the negatives when you’re an entrepreneur. Not only does it push you to provide the best quality that you can, but it shows to your audience that you’re committed to providing them with substance that can actually enrich their personal lives.

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