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Read this Before You Build an Email List

When you think about trying to build an email list, you may be thinking that it’s just a useless and dated marketing platform only used by the dinosaurs in the advertising industry.

But all of the people who became a success in this industry will most like tell you that, “the money is in the list.” Email marketing is a really effective way to generate a high ROI from repeat customers.

Before you start building your email list, there’s a few things you need to consider to get the most out of your leads.

For instance, knowing how to separate your prospects from your buyers is critical for lowering your unsubscribe rate. Because who wants to keep receiving sales emails when they already purchased a product?

Nobody does…

Thrive Segue is a tool I use to separate my prospects from my buyers. This tool allows you to sign up a new subscriber on link click within your email.

So if you have a subscriber on your main list that clicks a Thrive Segue link, they will be moved automatically from your prospects list to your buyers list.

A great way to get people to click that link is to offer a bonus package which is what I do. As soon as a new buyer comes along – I send them an email with the Thrive Segue links implemented and as soon as they click one of the links, they join my buyers list.

Setting up this automation can be a little complex so stick with me as I break down the process.

The first thing I did to create this automation was to create a membership site using the X Theme. This theme is the easiest to use for membership sites. It requires little coding (which is great for beginners) and is pretty much just install and forget.

You’re going to need to create some content though for this membership site so make sure you offer something of value. The bonuses you provide will help to brand you as the go-to expert.

And this type of branding is well worth the extra effort.

On my membership site, I include all of the promised bonuses that the new buyer will have access to as soon as they sign up. Here’s the simple membership site I created to deliver the bonus package to my subscribers.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be complex. It’s just a basic website that hosts several web pages. This is the best way to separate your buyers and will also increase your retention rates.

The reason why you need to use the Thrive Segue Feature is because most people will be to busy to sign up to your membership site. You can set it up to where people will be moved as soon as they sign up, which is what I first considered…

But you’re most likely going to see a dip in how many people convert. The segue links do all the work behind the scenes without any extra energy required from your subscribers.

This technique will allow you to be less annoying to your subscribers when you build an email list and therefore develop a stronger relationship with you audience.

In an online business, the relationship is the key ingredient to your success because of the trust factor. So, by establishing a relationship of trust when you build an email list, you will be differentiating yourself from the competition.

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