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Should You Outsource Your Content?

Outsourcing is practiced by many popular companies and bloggers out there. Due to the high demand for engaging content that people consume on a frequent basis, it’s almost mandatory to pump out new content regularly.

Since creating new and engaging content takes time away that could be used on generating more income, they’re those who hire others to do the work for them.

It’s not uncommon to see websites nowadays having multiple writers publishing new content. Not only is it more convenient – but it makes running an online business so much easier.

But there are several things you should be aware of before choosing to outsource content. Because not all content is created equal.

And if you’re serious about your business then you should only want quality content being produced. I can’t even say how many writers I’ve hired who decided to give me poor content.

Instead of using their content to build my brand, I just ended up deleting the work they gave me. I only want the best for my readers and their standards weren’t up to par with mine.

This leads to the question of how do you find the right people to produce your content? It can be hard trying to figure out who knows their stuff.

In order to achieve positive results from your outsourcing efforts, you need to be really good at hiring new talent.

I use one key factor to help me determine the right person for the job. Sadly, this is a factor that people tend to undercut just to save a little money.

And that’s how much the freelancer charges. Out of all the outsourcing work I’ve done in the past, the work that cost more was of higher quality.

There are freelance sites out there like Fiverr that make outsourcing extremely cheap. Although this can be a good thing, it can also mean accepting a drop in quality if you make a bad judgment call.

I still use Fiverr to this day for outsourcing some of my content. Mainly for graphic design and business documents. But this can be a very reliable resource if you only choose top rated sellers.

For writing, I use other sources that are more expensive. This is an area that people should invest in instead of winging it. Because if you start associating yourself with poor quality, people will notice it.

Some sources you can use for writing is Upwork and WritersAccess. These sites do charge a premium so be prepared for that when you start looking for freelancers to hire.

If you want to focus your time on building your business instead of hammering out new content, you should consider getting yourself a killer outsourcing team.

This could consist of a writer, graphic designer, and a programmer. It really just depends on what type of business you’re running and the tasks that need to be accomplished.

Luckily, I’ve been able to find myself a great team of freelancers who’re experts at what they do. Which frees up my time to focus on high leverage activities…

Like driving targeted traffic to my sales funnel.

Outsourcing is really a great way to speed up the time it takes to accomplish small tasks. Everyone should try doing it just for the experience alone.

Since it teaches you how to scout and hire new talent. And in the business world, possessing the skill of intuition is priceless.

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