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The Future of Internet Marketing: Adapting to Change

Accepting change is not always an easy thing to do. It’s something that we all fight against sometimes because let’s be honest… change is scary.

When change is forced upon us it’s a natural tendency to want to run in the other direction. But for some companies and entrepreneurs, this can be the cause of many failures.

There have been countless companies in the past that have been forced to close down because they wouldn’t accept change.

Some of them include Blockbuster, Ouya and Borders. These companies had great potential but couldn’t adapt to the changes within their industry.

For us internet marketers, this industry is always changing. And to continue making profits you always have to be on the cutting edge.

So, to stay on top you need to keep up to date on what’s going on. You can do this by observing your competition and seeing what they’re doing.

Now, it’s important to not copy what the competition is doing but rather create and implement a better idea. You should improvise on crafting something unique.

You can improvise on experimenting with pricing, email segmentation, design, color psychology, traffic sources, business blueprints, seminars and branding.

The way I adapt is to dabble in a few of these areas and see what gets the best results. It’s almost like split testing different strategies.

Like for pricing you can offer a free trial on a low ticket product to raise the number of sales you get. Or you could give customers the option to pay full price once they reach a certain point within the product.

There’s a lot of things you could do here so just use a little creativity for this.

Now, email segmentation is something I enjoy experimenting with. One technique you could do is tag your subscribers and send them product offers related to their interests.

That way your subscribers stay on your list longer and they won’t get fed up with receiving unrelated emails. Each person on your list is at a different stage in the learning process.

So, segmenting can do your business much good in the long run.

Design, color psychology, and branding are all topics that can be put under the same umbrella. Having a good eye for design is likely to result in more sales. If you have great branding as well then you have an attractive business.

Companies like Apple are masters when it comes to design and branding. Which is why they currently have a market value of $605 billion.

Another area Apple doesn’t have an issue with is getting traffic.

Buying traffic is getting more costly compared to the early stages of Facebook and Google. The targeting options are getting even better which means you’ll be paying more for a higher quality of traffic.

To adapt to this change you’re going to need a business plan that keeps you in business. I use a high ticket affiliate business model so I’m ready for the price increases that will come in the future.

But all of these areas are equally important and you should work on split testing each one. Because when you find a winner in each area then you’re profits will be looking really nice.

Adapting to new changes in your industry doesn’t have to be a scary thing at all. You just need to be knowledgeable about your market and properly prepared.

So, try thinking ahead a little to future-proof your business. It’s something that wouldn’t hurt to spend a little time brainstorming on…

Since it could determine if your business sinks or swims.

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