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The Real Cost of Buying High Quality Traffic

There’s a mistake that new marketers often make when they first get introduced to paid traffic. A lot of them believe that cheaper is better and this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I would have to say that this misconception is a huge reason on why most people fail in this industry. Their mindset has not yet caught on to how much it really costs to operate a successful business.

And they try to cut their costs by spending less on traffic.

I won’t lie, I use to see buying traffic as an expense instead of an investment too. But this type of thinking will only prevent your success…

Because if you can’t drive targeted traffic to your offers then you’re not going to make any sales and your business will have to shut down.

So, you’ll need to rethink your positioning before placing your next ad. The real cost of buying traffic depends on how much you’re willing to spend for each targeted prospect.

Some people wouldn’t feel comfortable spending more than $20.00 for each new buyer, so let me explain how this is wrong.

If you’re selling a $49.00 product would you be willing to spend that much to acquire a new customer? Well, I would because of the back-end system I have in place.

When you have a system in place to up-sell your customer on high ticket services then you can afford to spend more than the average affiliate on each customer.

If I was selling a low ticket item, I would feel comfortable spending around $200.00 for each new customer.

This is the minimum amount that I would use for testing out an ad. I know that I’d be able to recoup the money I spent on each ad in time.

So, running an ad with a CPC (cost per click) of around $1.00 – $2.00 is what I usually aim for. I’m able to make a good judgment call on my traffic quality by trying to get it around this price.

I also make sure my targeting options are on point by using the many parameters that Facebook allows you to experiment with…

For example, Facebook allows you to target people based on interests, annual income, purchases, age, payment information, etc.

The targeting options are pretty impressive and they give you the ability to laser target your audience down to the last detail. But like I said if you want targeted traffic – it comes at a price.

Don’t expect to spend $0.10 for each click and expect to earn over $1,000. Of course, it can happen on rare occasion but it’s not common due to the lower quality.

No matter which traffic source you choose, though, make sure you only focus on mastering one. This will help you to become an expert on generating sales using only one particular platform.

Most successful marketers have been able to do this – and this is the secret on how they make so many sales. It all comes down to the amount of targeted traffic you can convert.

And the better you get at driving targeted traffic to your offers… the more success you’ll experience in your business.

So, hop on over to your ad platform of choice to get started right now.

It’s just a few clicks away.

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