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What I Wish I’d Known Before Building My Business

We’ve all been there before…

Every once in awhile, there seems to be a good opportunity that comes our way that’s just way too good to pass up. It’s almost like trying to put out a fiery inferno with milk.

We all hear about those online success stories that have turned average people like you and me into an overnight success. It’s these inspirational stories that force us to take action by pulling at our emotional strings.

So, we pull out our credit cards and purchase that one information product with high hopes of experiencing a prosperous future.

But soon come face to face with a hard-hitting realization.

That in order for us to achieve the results promised in the information product we just purchased – it’s necessary for us to first put in the work. Crazy stuff, right?

The sad truth is that before many people build an online business – they experience this realization and quit because it’s just way to much work for them to handle.

They were expecting a simple recipe for becoming financially free without doing anything at all. I’m not sure what realm these people are living in with that type of mindset but this is not how success happens.

Before building my business – I understood this realization quite clearly.

But even then, there are a couple things that I wish I’d know before building my business. If I had known these things beforehand then I would have spent far less money and built my online business at a much faster pace.

The first thing may only be an issue for us obsessive freaks out here (I know who you are) but everyone deals with this in some way or another.

And that’s knowing when good enough is good enough.

For some reason, whenever I work on a new project and pump hundreds if not thousands into it, my obsessive personality come out swinging with full force.

This is the #1 thing I wish I had known before building my business. I lost count on how much money has just went down the drain in efforts of me seeking for perfection.

It’s an unfortunate habit and is one that’s hard to break. Even to this day, I’m still working on solving it. Cross your fingers that I get better : )

Another thing that I wish I’d known is that it’s best to follow only one A-Z process for making money online. I really do hate how as human beings – we complicate even the most simple of processes.

For example, I use to have a job working at McDonald’s and if you’ve ever worked there then you’re familiar with the smooth work-flow.

I was the grill cook and had the process down completely on how to do my job. And one day, my boss came and tried changing little things here and there that really disrupted the entire process.

It was like forcing someone to ride a bike uphill rather than taking the shortcut home that would let the person ride downhill all the way home.

It’s really annoying when I have to deal with over complications. This is a prevalent issue in the internet marketing space. I’m guilty of this too and have somewhat rid myself of this by simplifying every process for my business.

Most of the processes for my online business are now silky smooth and should be easily duplicated by serious internet marketing students.

But these are just a few things I wish I’d known before building my online business. I’m sure there are several things you’ve had to deal with in business that grind your gears.

If so, share your experiences in the comments below. You never know – your experience may shorten the learning curve for someone else by years.

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